Inventory Management

Multi-Channel Inventory Management

Centralised inventory across platforms
Manage updated inventory in real-time across marketplaces from a single dashboard. Plan re-stocking more effectively with weekly reports

Manage Multi-Channel Inventory With Ease

One Dashboard for All Your Marketplaces

Tired of manually managing stock across platforms. Replace your existing processes with the most efficient & simple to use inventory management system

Optimise your stock management processes

Most growing struggle with maintaining the right amount of stocks. Get ahead of the problem by utilising ForceSight’s inventory management module and stock efficiently
inventory dashboard 2

Inventory Insights

Utilise the intelligent inventory management system to its fullest. Get insights, notifications and periodic auto-generated reports that would help you to stock better
inventory dashboard 2

The software is very easy to use, has a very impressive dashboard and we received hands-on support from the team. I believe this is going to be long companionship and I am looking forward to the new features that are going to be added

Dry Fruits Hub

- Sudeep Bhati

Forcesight service is good and useful

ASV Textiles

- Sathyanandan

Forcesight helps us to understand how my business is doing

Sk Apparels

- Senthil

Excellent service and good quality. Signing up in Forcesight was one of the best decision we made

Saafa Honey

- Waaji

We are satisfied with your work. You did optimise the panel for our better experience and We are thankful to you


- Mueen

ForceSight has significantly improved our selling processes. We now have a mechanism for even getting reviews from our customers. We are discovering newer benefits every time and are very excited to explore the new features to be added in 2021

Paraman Foods

- Paraman

“Forcesight increased our product reviews by 3X times. App is easy to set up and use. Good customer support. We recommend online sellers to utilise the facility”

Stick me

- Balakumar

“Excellent service and good quality”