Marketplace payment reconciliation for Amazon and Flipkart

Match marketplace payments with bank accounts

Marketplace payment reconciliation for Amazon and Flipkarts

Track Seller Payments from Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Manage payments from multiple marketplaces. See what’s pending from return orders. Resolve payment issues from marketplaces. Monitor and plan your finances effectively

Orders Can Come on Time, Payments Might Not

The easiest way to manage your payments across multiple marketplaces. As your business grows, your payments grow and its easy to lose track of all the pending payments. Let ForceSight do the heavy lifting for you

Manage payments across multiple marketplace
Payment walk from list price to bank
Double-check received payments
Track commission charged by marketplaces

Reconcile Payments With Ease

Payment Reconciliation is a major headache for online sellers. Every fee calculation error from marketplace will directly reduce bottom line. Take advantage of ForceSight’s superior payment reconciliation solution

Weight based fees
category fees
commission fees
Pick & Pack
Shipping fee
Technology fee

Payment Insights & Notifications to optimize net working capital

It’s easy to lose track of money that you are owed especially when your business is growing. Get timely reports and insights from ForceSight to address this problem

Unmatched payment analytics
Track payments by SKU
Manage your finances better with instant notification
Payment tracking and pending payments report

What are our Customers saying?

Opting ForceSight tool for Managing my e-commerce busiess was the best decision . It has helped me win reviews & ratings for my products automatically and identify my true profitability.
Shavin Industries
Mr Akash
ForceSight has significantly improved our selling processes. We now have a mechanism for even getting reviews from our customers. We are discovering newer benefits every time and are very excited to explore the new features to be added in 2021.
Paraman Foods
Forcesight increased our product reviews by 3X times. App is easy to set up and use. Good customer support. We recommend online sellers to utilise the facility.
Stick me
i had a lot of trouble monitoring my buybox manually. Now I get intelligent pricing recommendations for all my listings to retain buybox from forceSight's sales defense feature. i also like their payments and profitability feature for insights and cashflow
hafeela textiles
Mr Ameen
Excellent service and good quality. Signing up in Forcesight was one of the best decision we made.
Saafa Honey
We are satisfied with your work. You did optimise the panel for our better experience and We are thankful to you.
The software is very easy to use, has a very impressive dashboard and we received hands-on support from the team. I believe this is going to be long companionship and I am looking forward to the new features that are going to be added.
Dry Fruits Hub
Sudeep Bhati