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For Extra large orders ( >10000 Per month), email our sales team

Note – Additional 18% GST is applicable on all plans. 

Every plan comes fully-stacked with all major features

Multichannel access

Review & Feedback Management

UnConventional & Emerging Channels

Payment Leak Identifier

Buy box Monitor

Management tools

One easy to use Dashboards

Profitability Tracker

Our pricing plan has been designed with a customer focused approach ensuring maximum value even for the starter pack. Want to know more? Talk to our e-commerce experts

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our customer success team is available via phone/chat/email from 10AM to 6PM Monday - Friday.

You can contact them at

Email -

Phone - +91-93421-48885

Chat service available within the tool

All plans come with maximum order count & expiration date. Plans expire at the earlier of the two events - when maximum orders are reached or at the expiration date. To ensure continuous service, please renew online or contact your Account Manager in a timely manner.

Yes, we do help businesses go online. We usually set 1-2 meetings to review your current position & aspirational goals, make an assessment & provide a realistic growth plan. We assist with Amazon and Flipkart new seller registration as well as product listings, including A+ content & keyword analytics.

Amazon allows you to send review requests only once per order. Our tool automatically manages sent emails to not exceed the allowance. Flipkart does not allow buyer/seller communication via emails.

No, you are only allowed to use our tool to request reviews. Any other type of communication might lead to Amazon blocking your account.

No, we do not provide a trial. However, we do provide a comprehensive one on one demo. Please contact the sales team to request a demo.

We provide services such as marketplace registration, listing services, cross listing services, amazon brand registry creation, A+ contact, brand store, etc. Since our quotes are based on specific requirements and scope of work, please contact our sales team for accurate customized pricing.

You’ll be assigned to a Customer Success Manager immediately after sign up. He/she will provide training on the software & answer any questions you may have.

Scope of support included with standard subscription of the tool - 100% tool support (Onboarding assistance with standard costs, inventory module set up, master SKU definitions), assistance in creating customized review templates with your logo, advisory services for reviews received (suggestive response for negative reviews, etc)

Additional value added services - Marketplace audit reports, Listing quality reports, Product Listing service (including cross listing), A+ content, Brand store creation

Currently we support Amazon & Flipkart. Integration of additional marketplaces in progress.

Yes, we continue to update our tool to ensure 100% compliance to Amazon/Flipkart requirements. We are also a registered third party service provider for both Amazon & Flipkart.

Flipkart does not allow buyer/seller communication via emails.

At the time of sign up, we will collect access tokens/credentials for the marketplace. Using these tokens, we source data either from APIs or scraping. The data is accurate since the source is the marketplace itself. However, there are some minor sync timing gaps that will need to be accounted for.

Yes, contact the sales team for a free demo of the tool