ForceSight’s Profit Analytics = “True Profitability”

ForceSight’s Profit Analytics = “True Profitability”

Understand profits at SKU level across Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify and other marketplaces

Why ForceSight’s profit analytics tool?

Get detailed information on all marketplace costs, ad spends, return cost, shipping & GST Cost at SKU level

Have sales and cost data from both Amazon and Flipkart, all in one single dashboard.

Accurate & Easy to understand business intelligence insights that will improve your profitability

Grow bottomline - Understand performance at SKU level

Get a head-start on your profitability. Have a unified view across marketplaces to analyze & make better decisions

Manage profit by Order/SKU/Master SKU/ Category
True profitability including Ads, Returns and GST impact

Focus On What’s Working, Weed Out What’s Not

Churn Out Non-Performing SKUs
For non performing SKUs, triage with the 3 controllable levers - Price, Return, Ad Spend
Make Better Stock Decisions
Rearrange Your Focus On The Best Performing SKUs

Insights That Grow Your Bottom Line

Get access to timely customised reports and analytics to maintain and grow profitability
Top performing SKU reports
Visualize geographic performance with India map to see how you are performing in micro markets

What are our Customers saying?

Opting ForceSight tool for Managing my e-commerce busiess was the best decision . It has helped me win reviews & ratings for my products automatically and identify my true profitability.
Shavin Industries
Mr Akash
We are satisfied with your work. You did optimise the panel for our better experience and We are thankful to you.
i had a lot of trouble monitoring my buybox manually. Now I get intelligent pricing recommendations for all my listings to retain buybox from forceSight's sales defense feature. i also like their payments and profitability feature for insights and cashflow
hafeela textiles
Mr Ameen
Excellent service and good quality. Signing up in Forcesight was one of the best decision we made.
Saafa Honey