How To Get Amazon Choice Tag For Products On Amazon?

You might not always take note of certain little occurrences when selling on Amazon. One of them, a tiny dark blue label with the words “Amazon’s Choice” on it, gained popularity this year. When you move your mouse over it, it now says “Amazon’s Choice offers highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately.” It has been there since 2015 when Amazon used it to speed purchases made via the Echo. You must discover how to obtain the badge for your products.

Why Did Amazon Make That Decision?

Several products on Amazon’s website bear the mark “Amazon Choice.” On the category and search results pages, the badge for the featured image of the product can be seen in the upper left corner. The badge is also shown on the listing page, just below the product’s title. When a product has the Amazon’s Choice logo, it means that it is the best match for the customer’s search term. In other words, the product accounts for more than 50% of all sales arising from that keyword, which is called an absolute majority of sales. There is no Amazon Choice for a term if there isn’t a product with a clear majority.

Methods For Obtaining An Amazon Choice Badge

1. Place Keywords First

The badge largely relied on good phrases and things that matched extremely specialized keyword searches because it initially started as a technique to streamline voice searches. Consider the distinction between “hair cutters” and “hair clippers.” Both phrases have very similar meanings, but only one will result in an Amazon’s Choice product.

2. Make Your Customer Rating Visible

You won’t likely receive a badge if your metrics are on the lower end unless you raise them again. A strong seller rating indicates that less is likely to go wrong everywhere, and Amazon is endorsing particular products as being a solid option for its customers. On the other side, you’re doing well if your product is a bestseller in your category and/or you have a lower return rate than other items of a similar nature.

3. Be Eligible For Prime

You cannot obtain an Amazon’s Choice badge if your products are not Prime eligible. The phrases “available to ship immediately” are part of the emblem, which indicates that it must be in stock and prepared to be delivered to a customer’s doorstep within two days. And the simplest way to be sure of this is via Prime.

4. Offer Affordable Prices

When you hover over the Amazon’s Choice logo, the phrase “well-priced products” is also included in the motto. This definition is a little ambiguous because what constitutes a well-priced product? We are all aware that prices fluctuate frequently, so how can you tell when something is “well-priced”? However, if you utilize a good repricer and have clear regulations in place, you improve your chances.

5. Obtain Positive User Reviews

This is the primary justification for caring about obtaining more (favorable) reviews. You must be able to demonstrate to potential customers that current customers were pleased with your goods and services to be eligible for an Amazon’s Choice badge. The majority of your reviews must fall into the 4 and 5-star range, which is why it’s crucial that you: Strive to get customer feedback. go over and beyond to attempt and convert unfavorable ratings to favorable ones Use the Request a Review feature on Amazon. You can also sign up for ForceSight’s automated review rating tool to increase your reviews seamlessly.


Using the Amazon Choice badge to promote your Amazon listings will help you increase sales. Find the keywords for which you want your products to appear as Amazon Choice, then use the advice in this guide to see whether you can do so.