Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions is a legal contract between ForceSight and You/Your brand. By selecting the checkbox, you/your brand acknowledge agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. In the entire document, the term “we/us/our” refers to ForceSight and “you/your brand/client” refers to anyone who accesses any services/website offered by ForceSight. 

Part 1 : Intellectual Property

1.1.The services, logo, contents, and materials provided under the name ForceSight (https://www.ForceSight.in/) is a property of ForceSight and is protected under Copyright laws

Part 2: Subscription Terms

2.1. Subscription Initiation

2.1.1. To get started with the subscription, you must have chosen a plan and payment method. The site
provides few subscription plans and you can choose only one from them to get started with the
subscription. You are permitted to upgrade/downgrade the subscription plan right before your next billing
cycle under ‘Subscription Plan’ in settings
2.1.2. Your subscription will continue until you terminate it or we terminate it in case we noticed any kind
of any misconduct from your end

2.2. Registration

2.2.1.Once you are registered with us, we will provide you with a confirmation email that encloses the
credentials and access to get started with the tool
2.2.2.Upon registration, we will provide you with account credentials that you need to keep confidential. In
case you lose the credentials to any third party member, we are not held responsible
2.2.3 In order to access and use the Platform, you will be required to furnish certain information and
details, including name, e-mail id, and any other information deemed necessary by ForceSight. You
agree to keep this information updated at all times. You shall be responsible for maintaining the
confidentiality and security of the password and for all activities that occur in and through your
2.2.4 ForceSight and its affiliates/partners are not liable for any harm caused by, or related to the
theft of your ID, your disclosure of Account Information, your authorization to allow another person to
access and use the service using Your account. However, you may be liable to ForceSight and its
affiliates / partners for the losses caused to them due to such unauthorized use.

2.3. Free Trial

2.3.1.For any subscription plan chosen, there is no free trial unless explicitly stated by the ForceSight
sales team
2.3.2.Your payment will get processed, right on the day free trial expires. In case you haven’t made
payment ON or BEFORE the last day, your subscription and access to dashboard will be suspended.

2.4. Subscription Plan

2.4.1.We provide you with a range of subscription plans and top up plans from which you can choose only
one plan that best fits your requirements

2.4.2.We totally understand that your requirements change from time to time, so you are permitted to
upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan right before your next billing cycle. In this case, you will be
charged based on the changed subscription plan from your upcoming billing cycle
2.4.3.Enhancement of tool features or change in license cost of Amazon API can affect the pricing of the
subscription plan. In such cases, we may acknowledge the entire details to you with a prior notice

2.5.Billing Cycle

2.5.1.Your first billing cycle commences 28 days from the payment date of your subscription and you will
be accounted for payments via the payment method chosen by you during the registration process. You
are permitted to change the payment method anytime, which will be discussed under the heading
‘Payment Terms’. If you fail to proceed with payments on the billing date, we will TERMINATE your
2.5.2.Likewise, your next billing cycle commences 28 days from your previous payment date and will
CONTINUE until you terminate the account or we terminate it, in case we noticed any kind of misconduct
from your end

2.6. Subscription Termination

2.6.1.You are permitted to terminate your subscription anytime. In this case, our tool will be available to
you until your next billing cycle. After which, we will delete your account and all the data that are related to
your account
2.6.2.In case we have detected any kind of misconduct from your end, we are subjected to terminate your
account at anytime

2.7.Refund Policy

2.7.1.There will be no refund provided upon subscription termination either by you or ForceSight team
2.7.2.Any payment made to ForceSight is non-refundable

Part 3: Data

3.1 Access to Data

 – You permit ForceSight to access the required data via synchronizing with your ecommerce marketplace accounts to provide you with the needed service

 – We always treat your personal and business data confidentially and with great care. Your business data and KPI’s (e.g. sales statistics) are used exclusively for the operation of the Forcesight software. Under no circumstances will your data be analyzed, evaluated, interpreted, sold or used outside Forcesight. You can be sure that it’s our top priority to ensure that your data is safe!

 – Forcesight only retrieves Non-PII information from your marketplace. No PII information about you or your customers in the respective marketplaces is retrieved by Forcesight

3.2 Our Data Protection Measures

We do not access your Ecommerce marketplace seller account. We do not allow employees, contractors or other persons working on behalf of Company to access your business related data without your express prior written consent. In the event of such consent, access to business related data is kept to an utmost minimum needed to resolve the issue at hand. The minimum amount of data related to your Forcesight account is made accessible to Forcesight employees, contractors and other persons via the secure platform, which displays the following personally related data: time zone, country of log in, number of logins during account lifetime, name or business name, email address, phone number (if given). Business related data includes the following, but is not limited to:

 – customer data

 – orders

 – Finance and Payment settlements

 – Sponsored Products campaigns, ad spend, keywords

3.3 Reason for Data Access

We access your ecommerce marketplace business related data

 – For the purpose of improving our service to you, to ensure that content from our site is presented in the most effective manner for you and for your device

 – To deal with any legal queries relating to your use of our service

 – To mitigate any disruption in the service we provide

3.4 How and Data are stored

Forcesight operates or leases secure data networks and servers from Amazon Web Services located on the Mumbai, India. 

These servers and networks are protected by industry standard firewall and password protection systems. 

Our security and privacy policies are periodically reviewed and enhanced as necessary, and only authorized individuals have access to the information provided by our Clients.

3.5 Data Sharing Policy

You agree that for the purposes set out in the ‘Reason for Data Access’ section above, we have the right to share your ecommerce business data with:

– Selected associated third parties, some of whom we appoint to provide services, including:

– Business partners, subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers and sub-contractors for the performance of any contract we enter into with you;

– Analytics and search engine providers that assist us in the improvement and optimisation of our site;

Our Data Protection Manager (pradeep.sekar@forcesight.in) performs regular due diligence on the third parties with whom we share data

The Due Diligence process for the third party data sharing are

– Establish relationship with the third party before sharing data

– Ask for their clients reference and contact them to understand the security of the data that the third party provide

– Search the internet to see for any history of lapse in data security on the respective third party side 

– Obtain the third party’s terms and conditions, privacy policy and any other data handling policy they have, and make sure that they follow all data handling policies required by Forcesight and all the sellers marketplace

– 90 Days once, the policies are checked for any changes and whether it still follows all the requirements.

The data protection manager also deletes any PII information from the Forcesight support email that the client shares with the employees of Forcesight for any clarification every 2 weeks.

Part 4: Payment Terms

4.1.ForceSight accepts and process payments via Razorpay
4.2.We don’t insist you to stick on to the payment method that you have chosen during the registration
process. You are permitted to change the payment method during next renewal
4.3 No refunds will be provided should you decide to cancel your subscription midway. You do have the
option to terminate any Marketplace access provided to us (disconnection can be done through the
settings page)
4.4 You will have access to your account immediately after payment. Data sync may take upto 4 days
from sign up for the tool to be fully usable.

Part 5: Data Protection

5.1.The tool is completely secured with SSL Certificate

5.2.All devices plugged into the network are scanned for malware each time they are attached
5.3.Data validation is always done both on the browser and server-side

Part 6: Limitation of Liability

6.1.In case, You have inadequately employed the tool and were not able to avail the full benefits,
ForceSight is not held responsible
6.2.ForceSight is not held responsible if you have lost your subscription credentials to any third party
6.3.ForceSight is not held responsible if there is any pitfall or flaw caused when you provide an
unauthorized permit to any other third party members or uninstructed/ inexperienced members to access
and use your subscription account
6.4.Amazon.in and Amazon.com are registered trademark of Amazon LLC. ForceSight has no association,
affiliation, endorsement, or sponsorship with or by Amazon.com LLC
6.5 ForceSight shall be under no liability whatsoever in case of occurrence of a Force Majeure event,
including in case of non-availability of any portion of the Platform and/or Services occasioned by act
of God, war, disease, revolution, riot, civil commotion, strike, lockout, flood, fire, failure of any public
utility, man-made disaster, infrastructure failure, technology outages, failure of technology integration
of partners or any other cause whatsoever, beyond the control of ForceSight. Further, in case of a
force majeure event, ForceSight shall not be liable for any breach of security or loss of data
uploaded by you to the Platform.
6.6 ForceSight is not liable for any errors or omissions in reports & dashboard. ForceSight is not
responsible for any losses arising from decisions made in connection with data available in the

Part 7: Links/Affiliates to ForceSight

7.1.Any kind of links or affiliates to ForceSight without any formal consent from us is strictly prohibited
and illegal

Part 8: Privacy Statement

8.1.ForceSight is committed to protecting any details related to our clients. Authorized part-time or
full-time human resources working with ForceSight use only required information in the context of the
services provided

Part 9: Criminal offense

9.1.Unauthorized usage of the services/website provided by ForceSight is completely illegal and a
criminal offense
9.2.Activities like source code access, re-engineer or duplication is strictly illegitimate and a criminal
9.3.Illegal use of the services for sending out spam, junk or unjustified mails is a criminal offense

Part 10: Revising Terms and Conditions

10.1.We reserves the right to revise the Terms and Conditions anytime, in case of technology/service
introduction or updates. In such cases, we don’t provide you with any kind of notifications. You are held
responsible to have yourself updated with our Terms and Conditions