How To Increase Your Amazon Best Seller Rank(BSR)?

Increase your best seller rank and get improve your customer trust If you have ever paid close attention to your Amazon product listings, you might have noticed that your product has an Amazon BSR or Best Sellers Rank. The product description section has information on this. Additionally, even though it says “Best Sellers Rank,” your product need not necessarily be a “best seller” in the traditional sense to be listed in that position. In reality, to receive a top seller ranking, your product simply needs to have made one single sale. The Amazon Sales Rank, often known as the Amazon Best Sellers Rank, is only a number given to a product after a single transaction has been made. The BSR is a great measure of how well a product is selling on Amazon, as you might anticipate. A product may appear on more than one list of Amazon’s bestsellers. When a product is listed in many categories, this occurs. A product offered on Amazon may have a BSR of 2500 in the Apparel category but may have a BSR of 15,000 in the Home and Kitchen category.

What Is A Good Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

Every category has a different Best Sellers Rank. Therefore, what one could consider a “high” Best Sellers Rank for the area of Lawn & Garden, might be a bad BSR for the category of Kitchen & Dining. Use that quantity to determine what a “good” BSR would be if your objective is to sell 10 items per day or 300 items per month.

How Is The Best Sellers Rank On Amazon Determined?

As you can guess, Amazon treats this information as a closely held secret. What is understood, however, is that several elements affect and contribute to your product’s Amazon Best Sellers Rank. These variables don’t consider customer feedback, pricing, or other aspects; they are purely based on sales. According to this idea, your BSR is determined by: Current and historical sales alterations in pricing, including specials and promotions comparable Competitor’s products

Steps To Increase Your Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR)

1. Improve The Title Of Your Amazon Product

Only important keywords, such as the exact nature of your product, its color, and size (if appropriate), and, if applicable, the brand name, must be used in your product title.

2. Be Price Competitive

You must carefully set your prices to win the buy box because the price is a crucial consideration. Remain competitive by employing repricing software.

3. Boost The Effectiveness Of Your Bullet Points

The bullet elements in your main description should also include the essential qualities and advantages of your product. Keep them short and educational to grab the reader’s attention right away.

4. Make An Impact With Your Product Images

Impress potential customers and make your goods stand out with superior imagery that distinguishes you from your rivals. Select pictures that are ultra-HD and different from the pictures of the products in other descriptions. By capturing images of your product from various perspectives, you can demonstrate how it will seem or function in real life and distinguish yourself from your competitors.


Even though the Amazon Best Sellers Rank can initially seem confusing, it’s important to pay attention to it. The advantages to you as an Amazon seller are enormous, not only for your own Amazon business, which will help you better but also for acquiring important information about the sales and activities of your rivals. The Amazon Best Sellers Rank may be regarded by some sellers as a vanity metric, but there is more to this information than a race to be the best-selling item on Amazon. If you disregard the data that can be drawn from the Amazon Best Sellers Rank, you run the risk of missing out on intriguing and insightful information that will be quite helpful for the expansion and success of your Amazon business.