Step By Step Guide To Optimize Product Listing On Amazon

Have you ever questioned why some products consistently show up in Amazon searches while others get very little traffic? Alternatively, why is it that some Amazon product listings constantly get clicks and generate a lot of sales but not others? Some distinct traits can be used to predict trends and explain why some items perform better than others. Here’s how to do Amazon SEO the right way, with tips and examples for optimizing your product listings to connect with more customers.

What Exactly Is Amazon SEO, And Why Is It Important?

Product listings are optimized for Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) to appear higher in product searches on To drive more traffic to product listings, boost your brand’s visibility, and boost conversion rates.

How Amazon Seo Works

1) Amazon Search Bar

Shopping on Amazon is easy with the search box, which gives customers the option to type in general keywords or a phrase or two. The search results will include relevant products that meet your criteria, and you can refine your search further by clicking on one of several drop-down menus.

2) Filters For Search

Top sellers (the most popular products based on sales) are new releases or fresh arrivals. Featured products are also popular, and customers who buy them often leave positive feedback. Shakers and Movers (biggest gainers in sales rank over 24 hours) are expensive or inexpensive digital products and content that sell well. Features and services (such as Subscribe & Save, Small & Medium Businesses, and more) can also be added to this category.

3) Sponsored Product

Sponsored Products are a cost-per-click (CPC) type of ad that sellers can use to promote individual product listings in Amazon stores. These advertisements can be seen on product detail pages as well as shopping results pages.

4) Amazon Sales Metrics

Amazon gives all sellers a rating based on seller performance measurements, such as reviews, product price, and account health. Generally, the higher your ranking, the more selling potential you’ll have.

How To Optimize Amazon Product Listing

These recommendations will help you improve your product listings. Make sure to follow them diligently, and watch your rankings soar!

1) Optimal Number Of Images Per Listing

Make sure you have high-quality product images to help you convert. 62% of the top listings have at least 5 or 8, so you should have a strategy for product images too. Make sure that the main pictures you use for your product are on a clear, white background. If you have other pictures, make sure that the background for them is clean and simple. To help customers better understand the product and its features, you can also use lifestyle pictures.

2) Title Of The Product

To determine which terms are more successful than others at picking interest in a product, we examined our sales data. Unexpectedly, there existed a known connection between these two elements! Why does this matter? Since the first five words make up roughly 80% of search engine result page titles, Amazon will take into account them when building URLs, thus having them first can make them more relevant (SERPs).

3) Description Of The Product

One of the most important aspects of optimizing an Amazon product listing is the Amazon product description. You can increase your sales with a terrific product description, but only if it’s written effectively. A buyer is more likely to buy your product if they read the description, but they aren’t quite convinced yet. All the key info is covered in the aforementioned product description, which has been kept brief and to the point while also being clear and simple to comprehend.

4) Product Features

Product features are one of the most important elements of a product listing and are usually listed using Amazon bullet points rather than chunks of text or large paragraphs. This is because it makes things easier for customers to read.

5) Product Ratings

Reviews are an important part of determining a product’s rating. Reviews and ratings go hand in hand, so if you want your rating to be high, you should concentrate on not just making high-quality products but also providing excellent customer service and acting fast in response to any issues or complaints they might be having. The following listing has 4.3 out of 5 stars, which is certainly a fabulous score but there’s still plenty more room for improvement so don’t give up yet!

6) Search Terms

5 Common Best Practices For Amazon SEO

1. Avoid Reusing Keywords

You will want to focus on providing a positive customer experience by writing naturally, giving customers the information they need to make a purchase decision, and avoiding keyword repetition.

2. Emphasize The Customer In Sales Copy

Answer questions about your product on your product page. Try to anticipate what customers might want to know about a product, rather than focusing on what you want to say about the product.

3. Assist In Increasing Your Rankings

Use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to start selling on Enroll in Brand Registry, and you can qualify for the Prime badge, which lets you offer fast shipping and free two-day delivery to people who frequently buy from Customers that frequently just use the Prime badge when searching for products may be attracted by this.

4. For Listings, Use This Basic Styling Advice

When you are describing a product, be clear, concise, and persuasive. Avoid making exaggerated or subjective claims.


Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. People around the globe use this site to search for products three times as often as they do Google! This site must have perfect algorithms, so their best items are shown after every search. Therefore, optimizing your product listing to match the A10 algorithms is very important to stand out amongst millions of competitors there.